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Sabela Fernández Monteira’s Doctoral Dissertation

The research group RODA is proud for the defense of the new doctoral dissertation (the first in 2018). In the picture, the new Dr. Sabela Fernández Monteira (the second on the left) with the early childhood education teachers who collaborated with her during three consecutives courses, and the doctoral dissertation supervisor (Marilar Jiménez Aleixandre, the…
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Seminar conducted by Drs. Benito Arias and Víctor Arias

Last Friday, 23rd of February, a seminar for teachers and researchers in training was held. It was conducted by Drs. Benito Arias Martínez (University of Valladolid) and Víctor Arias González (University of Salamanca). Strategies about how to improve the publications’ quality and the possibilities of publishing in high-impact journals were given.
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Seminar “How to publish in impact journals”

Next 23rd of February will take place the seminar "How to publish in impact journals", conducted by Drs. Benito Arias Martínez (University of Valladolid) and Víctor Arias González (University of Salamanca). It will be held at the room 51 at the Faculty of Science Education (North Campus) during the morning (9:00 a 14:00).
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